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30/05/13 @ 09:55pm

I have just completed 6th workout day with Caynax A6W app. Give it a try and get perfect abs.

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22/12/12 @ 08:21pm

American Dream (by Ramon Joseph Bato)

Living the American Dream HAHAHA

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16/12/12 @ 07:38am

Masquerade (by Ramon Joseph Bato)

Since I attended a formal event, I decided not to be in a totally formal wear . I just paired the t-shirt with a black blazer.

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05/11/12 @ 07:28am

One Sunny Morning (by Ramon Joseph Bato)

What I like about this look is that, I could wear this everyday. I love Jackets, and even though the sun is really strongly hot, I still manage to wear jackets without even having a single sweat.

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04/11/12 @ 01:15am

To the Blues (by Ramon Joseph Bato)

I like that most of the colors I wore are blue, which is my favorite color. See more on

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03/11/12 @ 05:48am
A Normal Day (by Ramon Joseph Bato)This  is my everyday look. A t-shirt and denim jeans. See more in

A Normal Day (by Ramon Joseph Bato)

This is my everyday look. A t-shirt and denim jeans. See more in

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02/11/12 @ 11:10pm

Black and White (by Ramon Joseph Bato)

It resembles the other side of me.

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@ 12:14am

Blue on Red (by Ramon Joseph Bato)

Simple and Comfortable

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26/10/12 @ 03:26am
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The long wait is over!! Finally! the doors were opened and we rushed in to have a better seat and a better view of the JBros. The opening act was performed by our fellow Pinay, Ms. Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, whom we’ve met and took pictures with in the airport. Then their they are, The Jonas Brothers, singing their first song of the night and one of my favourites, When you look me in the eyes. Here are some photos during the concert. Enjoy! :)

Photos from FrameWork Events and Media Ltd.
Go to their Facebook site and view more photos of The Jonas Brothers in Cebu: